Bio waste

Biojätteen jätelajikuvake.

How to sort

Bio waste can include for example

  • Food waste, left-overs and food stuffs gone bad
  • Fruit and root vegetable peels, eggshells
  • Congealed frying fat or pork grease packed, e.g., in an empty milk carton
  • Small, for example, bird bones and parings
  • Used cooking oil in a plastic bottle
  • Coffee grounds and used tea leaves and bags
  • Kitchen paper and paper napkins
  • Wilted flowers and small amounts of houseplant potting soil
  • Cleaning waste from pet cages and small amounts of biodegradable cat litter
  • Fresh grass from lawnmowers

Bio waste can be wrapped in newspaper, envelope or paper bag; also a plastic bag will do because it can be sorted out in the pretreatment phase prior to anaerobic digestion process of bio waste.