Waste drop-off points

Any waste that does not belong or fit into your own waste container, must be taken either to regional waste drop-off point (in Finnish: jäteasema) or to Rusko waste treatment centre in Oulu. Contact information and opening hours of Kiertokaari’s waste drop-off points are listed on the finnish site home page.

Website kierratys.info includes all waste drop-off points in Finland.

Prices and payment methods

Most of the hazardous waste from households is free of charge.

All recyclable waste such as glass, metal, paper, cardboard and paperboard cartons, waste electrical and electronic equipment from households and discarded tyres with or without rim are free of charge.

Please note that all plastic waste, both plastic packaging waste and waste objects made of plastic, will be charged in Rusko waste treatment centre.

In general the fee depends on the type of waste, please see the price list online kiertokaari.fi/hinnasto.

The price of bulky mixed waste is 159.41 euros/ton (incl. taxes). Minimum fee 10 euros includes 60 kilos.

For example, if a broken sofa weighs 100 kilos the fee will be 15.94 euros.

Please note that in our waste drop-off points only debit or credit card will do, however, in the “Pudasjärvi siirtokuormausasema” only bank transfer (invoice) is

Customer service

Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm
tel. +358 8 5584 0010