Plastic packaging waste

 Muovipakkausten jätelajikuvake.

How to sort

Empty and dry household product packages made of plastic

  • Plastic foodstuff packages, such as yoghurt jars, butter packages and packages for cold cuts, cheese and ready meals
  • Detergent, shampoo and soap containers
  • Plastic bottles, canisters and jars, preferably flattened out
  • Plastic bags, pouches and wrappings, including polyurethane foam and Styrofoam used in product packages
  • Tubes and cylinders made of plastic, e.g., tooth paste or cream tubes.

If taking plastic packaging waste to Rinki eco takeback point is not possible, it can be put into the combustible waste.

Please note

  • Objects made of plastic, such as broken plastic bowl, belong to combustible waste.
  • Any packaging that contains residues of dangerous substances and pressurised packaging (e.g. paint, chemicals, oils, medicines, hairspray) must be taken to your local hazardous waste collection point.
  • Dirty plastic packaging belong to combustible waste.