Electrical equipment

Sähkölaitteiden jätelajikuvake.

How to sort

  • Large household appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, electric sauna stoves, washing machines and dishwashers, electric stoves, tumble dryers and airing cupboards, large power tools)
  • Television
  • Small electric appliances (e.g. consumer electronics, coffee machines, chargers, razors, blow dryers, electric toothbrushes, battery operated devices)
  • Refrigeration appliances (e.g. refrigerator, freezer, air heat pump)
  • Technical appliances (e.g. digital camera, smart phone, tablet, PC, printer, central processing unit, keyboard).

Where to take

Waste electrical and electronic equipment can be taken to Oivapiste at Rusko waste management centre in Oulu or to any of the regional waste drop off points in the urban area and surrounding communities.

Smaller electrical devices (physical measures do not exceed 25 cm) can be taken to large specialty stores or to hypermarkets which sell electrical and electronic equipment, no need to buy a similar new device at the same time.

In addition, most of the stores selling electric and electronic devices receive used large devices only when you buy a new similar one.


Free of charge for households.